Core Values


Client satisfaction is central to our policy and company organisation. All clients deserve the same attention and proper service, always.


We believe in every one of them and we are convinced that each one can make a difference. Because people have ideas, and they can transform these into successes. We are capable of listening to clients and dialoguing with them. They are the custodians of quality. We treat people well, we appreciate them, we encourage them and reward their talent. But we expect commitment and responsibility. We organise training. We devote time to relational competencies.


We are building the future on the solid foundations of a family of businessmen and on a long history of business. “Family values” make us unique, because they enable us to look to tomorrow and to the day after with greater security. They help us operate taking the long view, and they support us through the more difficult strategic decisions.


We are truthful and honest in all areas of life, in our professional work and in our personal lives. When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, we do the right thing, even in the face of adversity. We are committed to our values and we protect our company culture through our commitment to possessing integrity at an organisational level.